When you lie on the warm drop filled with water, your brain takes in signals from the body that awaken different feelings. We can say that feelings are signals to ourselves, from ourselves, about ourselves – but what do feelings actually consist of? Feelings are electric and chemical signals in our body. They are often fired by our senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch – but also by memories, dreams and **tasies. Feelings kindle the whole body: when we are angry, we want to hit someone; when we’re happy, we want to jump up and down or dance.

Events we are part of and the feelings that arise in us are stored in the brain. We all have a library of memories and feelings that we have experienced. This means that everything we experience is sorted and compared with previous memories from similar happenings. Actually, our early memories help us orient ourselves in the present. The brain has maps for each part of the body; it knows what the body feels, and in turn, the body can make the brain understand what is happening. How can the body and the mind understand each other?

What language do they speak? In the circulation of the blood, the mind’s nerve cells send out a mass of signals that are filled with different messages. These signals are called signal substances and they are our feelings’ chemical messengers.

Drop Room
In the drop shaped room the viewer can lie down on one of the 6 heated water beds.