From the beginning of time and everywhere in the world, people have thought that the soul enters us through our first breath. The ancient Greeks called the soul Psyche – spirit and soul are different words for the same idea. In Latin it is called Spiritus – to be inspired. Some think that inspiration comes from outside, from a spirit or a wind, or perhaps from a god that blows into us and gives us ideas. Others think that inspiration comes from within ourselves, that it is a mental state. Breathing is always with us – it is our nexus, a link between our bodies and the earth and the air. Breathing helps us when we have to cope with a situation we cannot do anything about.

When we take our last breath, does our soul leave us? Some say that we should always open a window when someone dies. Why?

Pneuma Chamber
The Pneuma Chamber is built by ten separate "lung" walls covered with a thin para-rubber foil.
Every rubber foil is attached to a box with fans that blows respectively suck out the the air of the box, thus forming an undulating movement of the walls in the chamber.
Breathing walls of the Pneuma Chamber.